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Why become a distributer for National Drug Company?

Key Benefits

• You will be part of the oldest Free Drug Card program in the nation. Established in 2005

• Highest payouts in the industry, $2.50 per/claim plus a $0.50 Sponsorship Override.

• Bi-Weekly Rx Claims and Commission Tracking with web access.

• Commission Payout each month, with guaranteed payment on Net-Paid claims. • Free personalized Mobile Drug Card App for Apple and Android devices 

• Proprietary medication price search engine, lowest price guaranteed 

• No monthly fees, charges or set up fees

• Lowest Medication Price Guaranteed in the Industry

Commissions and Bonus Levels

Level 1 Base Commission: 0 to 2,500 claims = $2.00

Level 2 Bonus: 2,501 to 5,000 claims = $2.25

Level 3 Bonus: 5,001+ = $2.50

Plus a $0.50 Sponsorship Override 

How the National Drug Card affiliate program works.

• As an affiliate you are provided a unique ID number that is registered to your affiliate account and printed on the drug cards you will distribute. 

• Card-holder's only have to use the card you provide them once at their pharmacy in order to receive a discount.

 • Because the card information is stored within the pharmacies computer system, you earn a monthly residual commission every time the card-holder purchases or refills a prescription. 

Participating network pharmacies store the discount card information on their customer's profile and use it each time they fill a prescription. The more active cards you put into circulation - the faster you will reach your income goals! Build up your card-holder base and you can generate a stream of passive monthly residual income. 

Brand your affiliate drug card

We offer the option of branding your affiliate drug card with your organizations name, logo and information once you begin to generate at least 50 monthly claims. This is an amazing marketing opportunity that costs virtually nothing. Co-branding the cards will help you increase brand awareness and grow your business. In distributing the card to your organization's employees, customers and vendors, you will create a lasting impression and strengthen customer loyalty. Provide the Co-branded cards to your sales force and enhance your company image by helping people save on their prescription medications. Included with the co-branded cards we offer a Free state-of-the-art Co-branded website with your organizations name, logo and information.

Types of affiliate program partners currently working as distributers

• Associations & Affinity Groups

• Non-Profits and Fund-raisers

• Employers in any industry

• Charities and Religious Organizations

• Unions & Labor Organizations

• Agents/Brokers and Benefit Consultants

• Insurance Carriers & Managed Care Organizations

• Financial Institutions & Credit Unions

• Local Government, State, City, County or Municipality

• Schools and Colleges

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